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Allen Tunstall has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for over five years. What started as a means to fund a long-time dream of traveling around Europe has blossomed into a career as an online English teacher that has taken Allen all over the world. Below, he shares his story of getting TEFL certified and traveling the globe, also giving us an insight into his fast-growing travel/teaching Instagram and website @travelingcrumbs:

Doi Tapang Viewpoint, Thailand

Some Quick Facts About Me:

  • I am an online English teacher: I am from Omaha, Nebraska, USA (native speaker).
  • I work for 2 online companies: Whales English and Itutorgroup.
  • I work up to 18 hours a week.
  • I travel with everything I own in 2 backpacks!
  • I travel to different countries while teaching English online. I stay in some countries for longer than others, depending on my visa. Although I have taught English in person, my solo travels now consist of teaching English online as a way to travel, save, and explore more quickly.

About Traveling Crumbs

Traveling Crumbs is a visual resource for travelers to get inspired to travel more and learn new ways to budget. I provide updated insights of my life abroad while teaching English online.

After 5 years of living abroad teaching private classes, I wanted to change my lifestyle in the direction of full-time travel…slow travel if you will. Teaching English online has been my key to achieving this goal.

Being an online English teacher gives me the freedom to travel to new countries monthly or as often I choose. I am able to live comfortably, generate savings, focus on a healthy lifestyle, and more.

…but everything didn’t start this way.

Sukhothai, Thailand

How did I get started?

In 2012 after my semester abroad in France, It was my dream to live in Europe earning an income and travel. I stayed up late nights combing through blog posts and online articles to fulfill my end goal.

I finally stumbled upon getting TEFL certified. In 2014, I signed up for an online course to Teach English as a Foreign Language. Three months later, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree and got certified.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy taking an online class with weekly module assignments, finishing my senior year, working three jobs to save, budget, and prepare to step into a new world view. However, I made it happen and you can too!

After buying my one-way ticket to Europe and over the course of 5 years, I taught English in Italy and Spain.

…but now a new path begins of being a full-time traveler.

Travel with me as I budget my way through various countries. My failures abroad are always bundled with my achievements and you can learn with me every step of the way!

Make sure to follow Allen (@travelingcrumbs) to learn more about life as an online English teacher traveling abroad and to pick up more tips for starting your own TEFL journey! Don’t forget to check out our range of TEFL certifications at the ‘Packages’ tab on this website too!

Hua Hin, Thailand