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Most ESL schools and private companies not only require a Bachelor’s Degree, but also a TEFL certificate.

For those employers that do not outright require a TEFL certification, it is still highly recommended, and priority goes to candidates who possess a TEFL certification as well as teaching experience (which comes with our Premium TEFL Package or our Practicum)!

We are here for you, first and foremost. At Come On Out eTEFL, we are not just a TEFL company, but a group of teachers who got our start running a study abroad program. In our years of private ESL teaching experience, we realized a gap was missing in other TEFL courses. Most TEFL companies do not offer teaching practicums, lack individualized support, and give no help finding you a job after you complete your TEFL certification.

At Come On Out eTEFL, we wanted to offer something different, something designed to help you kick start your teaching career. Not only are our courses internationally accredited by The Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency, they are specifically designed to come with access to our Job Club newsletter with regular job opportunities and offers to help you find your next employer. 

You will receive an email from us with instructions and a link to your course access point.

Our Standard Online TEFL package is fantastic for the standard aspiring English teacher, but our Premium Online TEFL package provides the real practicum experience that employers look for. If you’re looking for a wider range of potential jobs, or if you have little to no previous teaching experience, the Premium Online TEFL package is for you.

Employers prioritize applicants with experience teaching ESL to foreign students. With our TEFL Practicum, you will gain the valuable teaching experience (and feedback!) that will make your job searching process that much easier.

All of our TEFL packages include a lifetime subscription to our Job Club, where we send you regular newsletters with information about new ESL job opportunities. Also, you will have exclusive access to valuable teaching resources on our website, accessible only to members.

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