Premium TEFL Bundle


Our TEFL Bundle for Professionals includes everything you need to become a certified TEFL professional, and supports you along your journey all the way to finding a job!

You get ALL of the below:

  • 120 hour TEFL course with tutor-graded assignments ($300 value)
  • 30 hour Teach TOEFL exam preparation course ($250 value) – see info below
  • 10 hour live Zoom TEFL mentorship program ($160 value)
  • 30 hour Online Teaching Practicum – includes feedback coaching & 8-10 hours of live practice with students (60 value)
  • Bonus Modules: Teaching English Online, Teaching Business English, Teaching Young Learners
  • Personalized tutor support over Zoom
  • Access to our Teacher’s Toolkit, full of EFL teaching resources!
  • TEFL/TESOL Certificate (Certified by OTTSA)
  • Upon practicum completion, a practicum certificate
  • Access to Come on Out Networking Group where you can attend online training, webinars, social events and meet friends,
  • teachers and companies from around the world
  • 6 month course access



120 hour Online TEFL Course

TEFL/TESOL Certified (Certified by OTTSA) course with tutor support. Our TEFL course is a great starting point for those who want a qualification to teach English to non-native speakers. This certification is accepted globally by schools, employers, governments and recruiters to teach English. We provide a curriculum in alignment with worldwide standards that opens up new doorways for your career, plus 3 bonus modules, including…

  • Teaching English Online
  • Teaching Business English
  • Teaching Young Learners.


30 hour Teach TOEFL Exam preparation course

The 30-hour Teach TOEFL Exam Preparation course has been designed to help you, the teacher, prepare your students for the TOEFL exam. The course covers the 4 parts of the exam – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking – to give you an in-depth understanding of what is required of the test-takers. You will learn how the test is structured and how to best prepare your students for the exam. 

The purpose of the test is to test non-native speakers. It is a requirement for academic entrance to universities, mainly in the USA. There are 3 versions of the test; computer-based, paper, and online, but the online version is becoming dominant.


30 hour online teaching practicum

The 30-Hour Online Teaching Practicum will give you the practical experience and confidence you need to teach online. After your theoretical training, you can join one of the weekly teacher training seminars who will help you prepare to teach 8 one-hour online practice classes with real ESL students through our partner school. You will earn a 30-Hour Online Teaching Practicum certificate upon completion and the confidence and experience to enter the world of online teaching!


Mentorship Program 

The TEFL Mentorship program is a 3-week live program to help you take your TEFL certification and get interviews, set up freelance profiles, and start earning a living teaching English online. You will meet over Zoom with your mentor twice a week and includes all the resources you need to create your resume, set up profiles, prepare for interviews, and learn strategies to help you get your own private students and keep them. 


From the date of enrollment, candidates will have 6 month’s access to the online TEFL course platform. This period can be extended for a fee of about $35 per month. All candidates will have 2 free attempts to submit their TEFL course assignments. After which a fee of $35 is charged if the assignments need to be resubmitted.


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